RMM has made a name as a road milling machine manufacturer in recent years. Since 2013 when the company commenced production, it has been releasing quality machines to the market. However, one thing that makes RMM road milling machines popular is the high satisfaction rate they provide the users.

Quality is one of the factors that RMM has worked to remain competitive in the market, and it has paid off well. The manufacturer does not only invest in quality materials but also technology. RMM road milling machines are made from the latest technology to enhance user experience. Here are some of the technologies that the company has invested in.


One of the areas that RMM has invested in the manufacturing of the road milling machine is pneumatic. The company has incredible hydraulic features in their machines that make their machines super-efficient. With most of the milling functions being pressure controlled, RMM has ensured that they are putting forward some of the best pneumatic technologies to improve on that.

So, you can expect RMM road milling machines to deliver the best tonnage when it comes to milling asphalt and concrete surfaces. The company’s pneumatic system is also designed to last for longer hence value for money.


One of the biggest advancements in machines is the use of automation technology. With the programming becoming an integral part of the modern machines, automation has become a crucial element. With automation, machines can have most of the functions run by a special program. That is what RMM has been doing with the machines.

You will notice that most of the RMM road milling machines have functions such as milling depth and others automated. This has been made possible by the advanced machine programs that the manufacturing has been producing.

Display and Touch Sensitive Tech

With the advancement in technology came the need for display and touch-sensitive technology. With the automation of most of the functions with software, then a good display becomes essential. RMM has been investing in the most intuitive display technology for the machine.

The user-friendly touch-sensitive display unit enables you to work on all functions from a central by simply touching to activate the commands. In addition to that, the display system is also coupled with the camera system to keep the user, machine, and other persons safe, especially in dark spots.