For the past few decades, machining technology has been a big thing, and a lot of products, including gears, have been made using it. However, the issue of cost would then become a challenge as the machine and equipment became very expensive. To help deal with this problem, the forging technology provided the best alternatives.

The making of many metallic products today is largely gravitating toward forging technology. Gear forging is one of them. In fact, looking at the adoption of forged gears over the past few years, it has been growing at a very high rate.

This growth is compared to the likes of machining, which have, for the past few decades, performed poorly.

Why Gear Forging Is Overtaking Machining

There are many reasons why this is happening, and one of them is the fact that forging is an easier way of making gears. In fact, it is faster to make gears with the forging process than with the machining process. In fact, when cold forging technology is being used, you can produce so many more products than the machining process in a unit time.

But there is more than the fast process of the products. The cost of gear forging is one of the factors driving the growing consumer demand. In fact, when you look at the prices that the cold forged gears are offering, you will see a huge difference in prices. This is one of the reasons why it has been outperforming machining lately.

But the manufacturers are also moving to gear forging because of the huge potential it has in mass production. In fact, cold forging has the biggest mass forging potential for all the forging technologies.

The quality of forged forges is also another reason why its adoption in the market is growing fast. In fact, forged products have, in the recent past, been exhibiting better quality features compared to most forming technologies.

These are just some of the reasons why gear forging is gaining a lot of attention, and more forged gears are being bought today. The trajectory is expected to maintain the same pace.