This Is How You Maintain Your Rotogravure Cylinder For Longer

If you are doing rotogravure laser engraving, one of the things you take into consideration is the maintenance of the rotogravure cylinder. This is the cylinder that carries the images to be printed, and its performance is greatly determined by the level of maintenance.

So how do you maintain your rotogravure cylinder? Well, there are many ways that you can go about it. In this blog, we have rounded up some of the best rotogravure cylinder maintenance hacks:

Removing Pain Residues

The first thing that you need to do regularly is the cleaning of the pain. Once you have finished the printing work, make sure that you have cleaned off the paint immediately. This is because without cleaning the paint, the staining of the cylinder is.

Therefore, make sure that after printing, you have the rotogravure cylinder cleaned off the pain immediately. This will help reduce the rate of wear and tear triggered by the dried printing paint.

Keep The Cylinder Odd Dust

Make sure that the rotogravure cylinder does not collect dust when not in use. The trick is to ensure that the cylinder is regularly cleaned off the dust frequently when not in use. This will greatly help reduce the rate of wear and tear, which is usually driven by dirt on the cylinder.

You can use pressurized air or even a piece of garment to wipe the cylinder of the dust. This can be done as frequently as possible. The good news is that it requires no skills.

Keep The Coating

rotogravure cylinders are usually coated with a layer of hard materials like Chrome and many others. This layer usually protects the soft engraving copper layer from damages caused by falls or just external forces.

The coating layer should be applied properly after the engraving and even during the storage of cylinders. It helps extend the lifespan of the cylinder.

Proper Storage

When the rotogravure cylinder is not being used, it should be stored in a safe way that minimizes damage or wear and tear. The cylinder should be greased to avoid rusting and should also be stored in a wrapped bag like plastic. Such storage keeps the cylinder in perfect condition for longer.

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