If you are in the cylinder engraving business or in gravure printing, the choice of the engraving machine is crucial. But how? This is a question that may require different approaches to get out the answer right. In this guide, we are going to look at some reasons you need to choose the machine carefully.

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Quality of Engraving

The first way that the choice of the engraving machine affects your cylinder engraving is quality. The quality of the cylinder engraving is looked at from different lenses. First is the ability of the machine to deliver the expected digital image for engraving. The second thing is the actual engraving of the cylinder. The size and the depth of the etchings or cells matter the most. It is the engraving machine that determines all these.

Ease of Engraving

The ease of cylinder engraving is crucial because it determines your performance and overall productivity. Make sure that you have invested in a machine that offers the best ease of user features. The harder the machine is to use, the lower your productivity will be.

Speed of Engraving

The speed of engraving is another way the choice of laser engraving will affect your business. If you invest in a machine that is slow, you can expect to get nothing much out of it. Make sure that you have gotten the fastest machine for the kind of business that you are doing.

Cost of Engraving

The cost of cylinder engraving is determined by so many factors and one of them is the energy efficiency of the machine. How much energy is the machine consuming for a single engraving? What’s the amount of labor also needed to operate the machine? These are factors that determine the cost of engraving.

Cost of Maintenance

The cost of maintaining the machine will greatly affect your cylinder engraving business. When the machine breaks down so often, then you will definitely need to spend more. You need to invest in a quality engraving machine that can withstand demanding conditions. Such machines require less maintenance.


The other way choice of engraving machine that will impact your cylinder engraving is versatility. How many varieties of cylinders can the machine engrave? The smaller the number, the less versatile you will be and the fewer tasks you can handle. Invest in the most versatile cylinder engraving machine.