Here are maintenance tips for flexo plate makers

Proactive maintenance is the best way to overcome unplanned downtime. Preventive maintenance on your flexo plate maker will ensure better performance, save fuel and consumption costs, and foster a safe working environment.

This guide has put together maintenance tips for your machine to help you escape downtimes. See below

Clean the machine thoroughly

thorough cleaning is as essential as maintaining the lubricant level. Unfortunately, many machine users tend to pay little attention to this step. Dirt and dust can clog the filter and cooling fans, decreasing the overall performance of the flexo plate maker. Cleaning your flexo plate maker regularly can increase its life span. For your machine to run at a maximum capacity, you have to ensure that various pieces of equipment and machine parts are clean. You can use a compressed air system to blow off all the dust after use.

Keep a schedule of planned maintenance.

You should prepare a schedule on when to carry out the maintenance. This will help you make it a habit to maintain your flexo plate maker. Machine component break after some time, and wear is unavoidable. That is why you need to maintain them regularly for the expected life of components and replace them on time. In case any part replacement needs to be done in flexo plate making, expert technicians must do it.

Check the lubricant frequently.

Inspection of machines lubricant is a significant maintenance tip that maintains its longevity. Lubricants reduce friction between moving parts in the flexo plate maker. Lubrication includes greasing or oiling the internal moving components of the machine. It would help if you always kept these in mind: always use the lubricant prescribed in the operator’s manual or recommended by the flexo plate maker manufacturer; the right amount of lubricant should be used.

Train your employees

Improper use of flexo plate maker will mainly happen if it’s operated by unskilled personnel. You should ensure the machine operator is well trained because lack of operator training can cause wear and tear, equipment failure, and even injuries due to improper use. Training your employee is also the best way to ensure your flexo plate maker works within the preset operating limit.