5 Maintenance Hacks For Your Cylindrical Laser Engraving Machine

Maintaining your cylindrical laser engraving machine should be top of the list of things to do to keep your machine in perfect condition. There are a number of things that are to the smooth running of these machines, and that’s what should be considered. If you are planning to maintain your cylindrical laser engraving machine, here are some good tips you should consider;

Clean lens

One of the things you need to check in these laser engraving machines is the lens. The clarity of the engraving will be greatly determined by how clear the lens is. The best way to clean the cylindrical laser engraving machine lens is by using Acetone or even Alcohol. This will reduce the blurring of images.

Clean Machine Bed

The cylindrical laser engraving machine bed is some of the most forgotten areas, and this is where most of the trash collects. You need to keep cleaning the beds for your machine after operating the machine clean. A clean also significantly reduces the rate of wear and tear. So, remove the debris and anything that may be considered trash.

Check Water Level

Most laser engraving uses a combination of water and air to keep these machines cool. Therefore, the level of the water is one of the key things to consider when it comes to maintaining these machines. Make sure the water level is always maintained to keep the machine cool.

Clean Impeller On Fan Unit

This is another area that you will need to check carefully. You must ensure that the impeller is working fine. Note that the impeller is key in the cooling of the cylindrical laser engraving machine, and if it gets damaged, then you are likely to experience an overheating of the machine. So keep it clean to avoid clogging.

Check Air Filters

You also need to check your hair filters because they might be the reasons why the cylindrical laser engraving machine is not delivering as expected. Checking for their clogging is highly recommended.

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